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Thumb Sucking And 5 Tips To Help Your Child Stop It

Thumb sucking is something every parent is acutely aware of – almost all children suck their thumbs at one time or another. In fact, it’s a completely natural phenomena that seems to be somewhat hardwired into an infant’s brain (babies have even been observed sucking thumbs in the womb.) But why sucking? Well, early in […]

Hypersensitive Teeth

Hypersensitivity of teeth is a phenomenon wherein, the patient feels moderate to severe pain when the teeth are exposed to temperature changes like hot and cold stimuli or with sweet and sour foods. Hypersensitivity may be sometimes so severe that even patient may feel pain even while breathing through mouth. Factually, a healthy tooth when […]

Fractured And Broken Teeth

Teeth are remarkably strong, but they can chip, crack (fracture) or break. This can happen in several ways: Biting down on something hard Being hit in the face or mouth Falling Having cavities that weaken the tooth Having large, old amalgam fillings that don’t support the remaining enamel of the tooth When a tooth chips […]

Types Of Braces

TYPES OF BRACES Dental technology has brought us to an exciting time with regards to dental braces. There are many types of braces from metal braces to ceramic braces, from tooth-colored braces to clear braces. It’s no longer a stage that is feared by teens everywhere. Many teens almost look forward to getting braces because it signifies a […]

Tooth Discoloration: Causes And Best Solutions

There are plenty of factors that can cause temporary or permanent tooth discolorations. First, there is the extrinsic discoloration, which means that your teeth get discolored because of external factors. For example, if you consume caffeinated beverages, red wine, cola or you are smoking-these can all cause temporary discoloration and staining of your teeth. Patients who […]

Dental Implants Vs. Bridgework

Teeth basically have two main parts; the crown is the part you see in the mouth, and the root is the part that is encased in bone and keeps the tooth in place. A dental implant is actually a root replacement, and unlike the root of a tooth, it is actually fused to the bone of the […]

Pain-Free Dentistry With Local Anesthesia

Local anesthetics come in two varieties: topical and injectable. Topical anesthetics are used to numb just the top surface of the gum or oral lining surfaces of the mouth, and are usually applied with a Q-tip®, cotton swab, adhesive patch or even a spray. Topical anesthetics are frequently used for surface comfort during superficial teeth […]

Dental Implant Success Rate

Dental implants traditionally have a very high success rate. The majority of studies that have been done indicate long-term success rates well over 95%. However, there are many factors that can compromise the success rates of implants. These can be divided into three categories: general health concerns, local factors and maintenance issues. It is important […]

Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry For A SMILE MAKEOVER

Through a combination of modern dental science and artistry a dental makeover can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. At Serenity International Dental Clinic we aim to provide individualized smile enhancement solutions that are long lasting, in terms of aesthetics, comfort and function. A makeover usually implies a ‘quick fix’ to a cosmetic […]

Treating Difficult Areas Of Periodontal Disease

The goal of any periodontal treatment (“peri” – around; “odont” – tooth) is to keep the supporting structures of the teeth – gum, bone and the periodontal ligaments that join these tissues to the tooth roots – healthy. Bone loss around a tooth will jeopardize its very survival. Local antimicrobial or antibiotic therapy is a […]