About La Belle Patate

My name is Line Lucas, originally Line Forcier. I grew up in this beautiful little town and made lifelong memories living here. Le Rendez Vous was an incredibly welcome addition when it first opened. Are you kidding me? A restaurant in Bellevue serving authentic french food? It was a VERY exciting time. The food was absolutely delicious, tasty poutines and homemade bread from the brick oven outside.

I've spent most of my adult life in Alberta and made a move back to my hometown in 2015. Me and my partner Sean have been talking about opening a restaurant and pub for a  long time now. Fresh, homemade food, good music and great company is what our motto was to be! As luck would have it, this iconic restaurant would become available and the rest is history.

We look forward to serving the community, the surrounding areas and everyone in between. We pride ourselves in making food so delicious, you'll keep coming back for more! I am extremely proud to be a part of this community, to support it's french heritage and to have a chance to serve its patrons.

Pizza Dough
Image by Suea Sivilaisith